Being productive in a distributed team

At Klood, we are a distributed team that works remotely from 2 continents (Europe and North America — 5 to 6 different cities). We work out of co-working spaces, coffee shops, homes and sometimes while traveling.

The following list is what ticks for us to keep the daily momentum going —

  1. Productivity apps — Slack and other communication apps can help your entire team stay connected wherever they might be — different timezones, countries or regions. Our entire team constantly communicates on Slack and posts status updates on where they are at the moment — whether someone is rushing to the airport or getting some work done while stuck at a train station.
  2. Co-working spaces — Making use of a single co-working space membership which is transferable all across the world (eg. WeWork) can help you set up an instant office in whichever civilized city you’re traveling to or are in transit at. Another option is to have a day-pass which almost all co-working spaces offer — you pay for a hot-desk for a day or two at a new co-working space and do the same in another city and so on. There are many co-working apps out there which let you find a space within your vicinity
  3. Routine —Having a routine in place which works for you is a great way to stay productive with a distributed team or whilst traveling.
    Eg. making a rule to dedicate atleast 3 hours of sit-down work or scheduling calls a few hours before getting on a plane or maybe having an early morning routine to slash the major tasks off your list.

How do you stay productive in a distributed/remote team or while traveling? Let me know below!



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