Your Product Career

A few resolutions for me as a Product Manager in 2019 :

#1 Be comfortable in Discomfort

  • This means showing up. Period.
  • Acknowledging my environment.
  • Being comfortable in the Discomfort.

#2 Be More customer obsessed and insist on the highest standards

  • Being Customer obsessed. Always.
  • Working backwards from the customers — bring the real customers into the room

#3 Build your career like a product

  • Best way to get a job is to do the Job — ‘What are you doing today that I can take off your plate?
  • Ask for Help
  • Career success involves Personal satisfaction
  • KEEP Showing up!
  • Step up to the table even though it can feel terrifying, take perfection off the table, and learn.
  • Write 1–2 personal growth goals into your work goals. Think of your growth as a service to your team. For example, “My product goal is to ship 60,000 net new clients in the next 3 months with 40+% retention. My personal goal is to write a clear communication and market launch plan in the next 1 month that my executive team finds succinct, clear, and actionable.”

#4 You are the Product. Build your personal brand.

  • Articulate what it is that I uniquely solve?
  • How do others understand what I do (I do X at X company is boring. Think about the problem you are uniquely solving (the WHY?) and HOW you’re solving it as a product manager. Articulate your value as a human and connect with people on an emotional level) — As a product builder, your job is to bring people together to solve problems. When introducing yourself, first state the problem you are uniquely solving. Then share the solution you are working on. Give your job title and company last.

#5 Take More Risks

  • Say what you want
  • Be an active participant
  • Look for Hard Jobs (Sit comfortably or Stretch yourself)
  • Optimize for today



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