Lessons from “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Harari

Alternative access to credit & its impact on consumer’s financial sanctity

Nearly two-thirds of Americans, 63%, say they’ve been living paycheck to paycheck since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the U.S (CNBC, 2020)

Data, Trust, Regulation & Convenience

Voice technologies, Voice assistants & Voice as a Service

Voice itself is an interesting channel? technology? commodity? medium?

All about Payments, Fintech, Cards & Disruption

How to optimize your Capacity & be your own Chief Capacity Officer!

by Building your Personal Brand

Me at a panel discussion at the Annual IIF (Institute of International Finance) conference

“How do you get your speaking engagements?”

Swapna M

Product @Microsoft | https://www.swapnamalekar.com/

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